Scholars on Aging Series: Early Studies on the Psychology of Aging

One can easily get lost in all the articles and books about aging. I’ve been trying, with little luck, to narrow my focus to mostly four topics listed in this blog’s title: “the philosophy, psychology, sociology and spirituality of aging.” It’s obviously a wide spectrum. So, to par things down a bit, I started looking specifically into one area, psychology.  I chose psychology because in my mind it seems to be the easiest topic to understand in comparison to philosophy, sociology, and spirituality.

Think Deeply, It May Do Some Good

As I have noted in a good number of previous posts, early old age, which varies for some, ranging anywhere from 45 to 65, brings lots of consternation about who you really are and what you are doing with yourself in work and elsewhere. You come to an intersection where you think more deeply about where your compass is pointing, and it’s almost like going back in time to when you were first trying to figure out what you were going to do with your life.