Scholars on Aging Series: R U Cosmically Gerotranscendent?

I have been following the psychology-based literature about transcendence in old age, with a close eye on the theory of gerotranscendence (GT), which has elements of self-transcendence and cosmic transcendence, as championed by Swedish Psychologist Lars Tornstam, who came up with the theory in the 1980s. I identify closely with Tornstam’s theory and have previously wrote about it. GT is a fascinating aging-related topic.

The Esoteric Concepts Concerning Eudaimonia

We have wars, refugees, immigration problems, malevolent dictatorships, overly zealous religious groups, terrorists, poverty, drug addiction, violent crime, and climate-change issues in more than enough places worldwide, although, from an historical perspective, the doom and gloom are not as prevalent. Still, our best version of human blossoming and well-being has a long way to go. In other words, we still gotta whole lotta of work to do to become better human beings.