Don’t Forget to Look Up

I’ve started the process of redesigning things again, and it has made me take a deeper look inside. This is all about finding my place as I write What’s Your Place? – albeit at a snail’s pace.

I do enjoy design-of-anything work, although I am by no means an expert and oftentimes I give up trying to learn how to design like a professional. Doing web design myself, for instance, is necessary because of financial constraints. Otherwise I would hire a professional web person in a heartbeat.

With this once-again closer examination into how to present myself online (you’d think I’d have this down by now but I obviously do not), I came to the realization that I need to really be more of myself, to be more vulnerable.

So I started with the basic question of what I truly believe about life. What is my inner spirituality? What does my soul say to me?

To depict this on my new website, I found a free, stock photo of a guy looking up into an immensely starlit sky. It reminded me of Hawaii where the night sky was always magnificent and how very rarely today do I look up at the night sky anymore. So, first off, I started looking up more often; and yes, the sky is still magnificent and gazing up into it helps put things into perspective – amazing how such a simple practice can have such a profound influence on your thoughts.

Then I wanted to come up with a slogan – some words condensed that encompass everything I truly believe. So after some deep thought and several edits,  I put these into the night sky photo at the top of the home page: “Be Marveled By The Universe & Always Honor Truth Above All Else.”

I found another stock photo of a guy sitting at the edge of a rock formation looking out into the distance. There, at the bottom section of my new home page, I put the following : “There is no single way, no single religion, no single philosophy, no one solid answer to why we are here; only our ability to pay attention and try to discover what’s really inside.”

I think this no-single-way theme applies to everything in life, including your business pursuits. And I really do believe that in addition to hard work and stick-to-itiveness, serendipity plays a major role in what you actually succeed at doing in your pursuits to support yourself financially.

Now, of course, we all have our various financial goals for the things we want. Many want the big house, the nice car, the ability to take wonderful vacations, nice clothes, a kitchen that will knock your socks off. Others want only the bare essentials – a comfortable place to live that has just enough room, a car or access to public transportation that will easily get you from point A to point B, some jeans and shirts that cover you well enough and are clean and comfortable; enough to sustain a healthy diet. .

Wherever you are in this regard, take another look up into the night sky and ask yourself sincerely if you need to do more or change, and where and how you need to do more and/or change, to become who you really are.

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